Application Process

Still interested in joining this year's cohort? Email us at 


Preparing to Apply

We've designed the application to be simple, straightforward and take about 20 minutes to complete. Questions we'll be asking are: 

  • Team Name and Description 
  • Members 
  • Interest Area(s)
  • Purpose 
  • Initial Idea 
  • Current Activities 
  • Goals 

Finding Teammates

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find a team. We encourage you to take advantage of the following resources to help connect you with like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and complementary skill sets to work with over the course of the 5-month program—and perhaps, beyond. 

Whether you have an initial idea for solving a big problem or are just looking for something cool to join... check out the team-building tools below to meet other interested participants!

Networking platform that connects you with the greater U-M community!
Connect with LinkedIn, Gmail, or Microsoft to create a profile easily with one click
Search and filter for the skills and experience you want on your team!

Mobile app where you swipe and match with your peers' projects and ideas!
Join the U-M innovation community with the code 6C877
Created by a former Innovation in Action and TechArb team!

Web app facilitating high-quality connections between community members!
Join the U-M innovation community at
Created by a former TechArb team!

Check out our "Teams" page for more information.

Once your team is assembled, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements