Team Eligibility

Am I Eligible to Compete?

Eligibility for the competition is pretty inclusive. We just want to make sure the competition is legitimately among students and that teams are prepared to compete successfully.

ALL U-M students are welcome to participate, regardless of degree or program. The most important thing is to have fun - to push yourself to learn something new and put these new skills into practice in a safe and adventurous way. A great bonus is to learn from your teammates and their skills to make something bigger and better than you could have created from the perspective of one (admittedly brilliant) person.

The following eligibility requirements apply.

Each team must:

  1. Focus its idea on a public health or education challenge.
  2. Include an School of Public Health or School of Education master's or doctoral student (may include students in our dual degree and joined programs).
  3. Have between 2-6 members, ideally from multiple disciplines to complement each other's skill sets. Ideal team sizes are 3-5 members.
  4. Send at least two representatives to all skill building workshops (all are encouraged to participate).
  5. Have all team members present at the final pitch event in March 2016.
  6. Comprise only University of Michigan students - but can represent any academic discipline(s).

And now for the fine print. Teams must not:

  • Have completed the customer discovery phase of their innovation idea (i.e., be ready to build a prototype).
  • Have begun building a prototype. If you are at this stage, please consider other competitions around campus and the state.
  • Have their idea in an incubator.
  • Have received more than $2,500 to work on their idea.

One final note on eligibility:

If you are interested in the competition, you are probably eligible. We actively encourage participation from all over campus. And yes, this includes Dearborn and Flint, as long as your team members are able to participate in the in-person requirements. Please join us for this dynamic, fun, learning-packed competition!