Innovation in Action

Challenge: identify & innovate

Innovation in Action is an interdisciplinary U-M student competition open to all students regardless of degree program or college. Take on the world’s biggest challenges with purpose by teaming up and get the resources you need to turn your ideas into solutions. Working with others from different skill sets, perspectives, and backgrounds, we’ll inspire one another. We’ll innovate freely. And we’ll each potentially find our path and purpose.

There is much to do. We’d love for you to join us. After all, the world needs you.

Interested in being a part of Innovation in Action?

1. The applications for this year’s cohort are now closed — but there’s still time to join us!

Get in touch with us at and we’ll help you get connected.

2. After you apply, build your team:

In order to ensure you can approach your challenge with a diverse set of perspectives, experiences, and expertise, we ask that participants build a team of at least two students. Don’t worry, you can apply with or without a team – we got your back! Here are a few ways to engage with other applicants interested in building a team:

Contribute to the online Team Building Forum: Join the  IiA Team Building Forum to post about what you’re passionate about working on and look for others with similar interests.

3. Still have questions? Get in touch!:

Any questions? Schedule Open Hours with Erin Moore or Lawryn Fraley to ask questions or chat about a potential project!

The Student Perspective

Get the student perspective on this competitive, five-month transdisciplinary experience.

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