Current Teams


AudioOdyssey is building a platform designed to prevent drowsy driving accidents among truck drivers through engaging and interactive audio entertainment. Our mission is to stop accidents on the road and save lives.

Zoe Drasner, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Joe Huang, College of Engineering
Adam Zhang, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts


BeatNami is a one-stop music platform that democratizes access to music licensing and empowers musicians to distribute their music without relying on a middleman.

Karthik Ganesh, College of Engineering
Joshua Sum, College of Engineering

Cooperative Learning Platform

A participatory and experiential Cooperative Learning Platform shared by local colleges as well as employers that provide students with more hands-on opportunities, while meanwhile creating a network among students, employers, and local colleges. Seeking to close the gap among students, colleges, and employers and creating more opportunities that work well and are mutually beneficial for all of the involved parties. Our project is still subject to further changes, but this is a brief initial description as of the end of the first practice pitch.

Jessica Amey, School of Education
Stephen Callaway, Ford School of Public Policy
Yining Li, School of Education


digcourse is a digital discourse and inclusive instructional design tool, which, in simpler terms, is an educational technology that facilitates conversations and interactions in digital spaces and is a resource for educators to learn about and create inclusive, accessible educational content/resources to ensure equitable educational opportunities as part of inclusive education.

E Villasenor, School of Education
Kaitlynn Vo, School of Education


Nupur Singh, Ross School of Business


Everstory is an audio/visual encyclopedia exploration environment for early learners; it’s like Wikipedia for four-year-olds who cannot yet read text but are fluent in spoken language and images.


Allison Chou, School of Information
Sally Liu, School of Education
Garret Potter, School of Information
Leo Qu
Harmeet Saini, School of Education
Makoto Watanabe, School of Education
Larry Zhu


The ImmiHealth team is driven to serve immigrants through healthcare in foreign countries, like the United States. ImmiHealth is a non-profit platform that focuses on easing the struggles of immigrants and uninsured populations in healthcare by offering a health-technology platform that connects these populations to health resources at affordable rates, simultaneously offering a community network and health-related education. Though the project started in November 2022, there is a high chance that ImmiHealth will increase the transparency of the US healthcare system for recent immigrants. The ImmiHealth platform (web or mobile app) helps people connect with free health clinics and programs and get informed by health professionals on various health educational topics. Health scholarships that ImmiHealth offer will provide one to three percent coverage of medical expenses associated with a first-time, general medical visit. We have collaborated with free clinics in Michigan, like the Hope Clinic, to allow immigrants to envision their first clinic visits in America, informing them about scheduling appointments, what documents to bring, estimated appointment length, and questions to ask their doctor. ImmiHealth has networked with many healthcare professionals to create an interactive experience on the web app by understanding the population’s needs through 100+ interviews, surveys, discussions, and personal experiences.

Jacky Jiang, Eastern Michigan University
Lucas KapalaMichigan State School of Osteopathic Medicine
Medha Kapoor, School of Nursing
Harshang Patel, College of Engineering
Tirth Patel, College of Engineering
Sania Srivastava, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Areeba Wali, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Musica Para la Gente

Giancarlo Medrano, College of Engineering, School of Music, Theater, and Dance
Paulo Zepeda, Ross School of Business


NameFrame is a mobile marketing solutions company connecting drivers, businesses, and members of the Ann Arbor community. NameFrame creates customized license plate frame advertisements for Ann Arbor businesses and pays students to install the advertisements on their vehicles.

Joe Huang, College of Engineering
Jacob Kempa, College of Engineering
Taytem Matthews, College of Engineering


R1DE hopes to tap into the power of technology and create an accessible solution for all drivers to ensure passenger safety so that no child is ever left behind in the backseat.

Cindy Wang, Ross School of Business, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Michael Wang, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Sankofa Empowering Women in Ghana

Sankofa Empowering Women in Ghana (SEWING) is an entrepreneurship and skills training fellowship program to combat child labor and female exploitation. It focuses on promoting sustainable educational and economic opportunities while also mitigating the detrimental environmental consequences caused by the fast-fashion industry. Reaching thousands of people worldwide, SEWING has been featured at the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, American University, and a national PeaceJam conference led by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. This program is built on an international network of partners, sponsors, and supporters from Ghana, the United States, Germany, Singapore, and more.

 Samantha Jayasundera, College of Engineering
Rachel Lobel, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Queen Balina, Harvard University

Save the Planet

Richa Chachra, Engineering, U-M Dearborn
Kruthika Gopinathan, Engineering, U-M Dearborn

Team Oak

Nathan Nakkapalli, College of Engineering
Ihor Pavlenko, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Sharan Shibu, School of Social Work


UnfoldKit is a comprehensive toolkit for developers and architects to build affordable housing with community voice and input. We address the need for effective public engagement in the design of low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) housing. With the application of human-centered design and participatory planning methods, UnfoldKit not only moves communities towards a place where affordable housing is understood and welcomed by its neighbors, it also pushes the design boundaries of innovative and equitable community housing.

Anna Lam, Ross School of Business, Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning
Maddie Tong, School of Social Work

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis is an initiative with the goal of developing resources and communities for students in Urban Areas to get involved with indoor gardening to benefit their mental health and environmental consciousness.

Adriana Chen, School of Information
Kaanan Datt, College of Engineering
Hyeri Lee, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
Andrew Yang, College of Engineering
Zhiyuan Zhang, School of Information


We are developing a way to recycle the plastic in the community of Pancho Mateo, located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The core belief of our project is that community engagement, with the addition of the right technology and training, can lead to effective recycling. In collaboration with the New Horizons Foundation, which provides education and recreational programs to the kids of Pancho Mateo, we aim to establish a sustainable recycling program, where community members can recycle their own plastic into new useful products that they could use or sell.

Sarah Waldman, College of Engineering

Venus’ Closet

We are a team striving to create an inclusive e-shopping platform for individuals in the disability community with mobility challenges, providing the community with an opportunity to voice their needs and struggles. We aim to create more inclusive shopping experiences for them and resources of adaptive clothing that could fit both their physical and fashion needs.

Vivian Le, School of Information
Jingting Wang, School of Information, Stamps School of Art & Design
Yuxuan Xia, Stamps School of Art & Design
Jianxuan Xu, School of Information
Jihong Zhao, Stamps School of Art & Design