Innovation in Action celebrated 10 years, learn more here!

Awards, Partners & Sponsors

Innovation in Action is proud to have the continued support of the following sponsors: Business + Impact, Michigan Law Entrepreneurship Clinic, School of Information, Poverty Solutions, Program in Practical Policy Engagement, School of Public Health, and Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies.

In addition to the annual Innovation in Action awards, this year we’re thrilled to offer the following themed awards:

Poverty Solutions “Best Innovation in Economic Mobility” Award: $2,500

This award is given to the team who best demonstrates a solution that works to innovate on the topic of economic mobility. 

Center for Socially Engaged Design “Best Community Engagement” Award: $2,500

This award will be awarded to the team who has demonstrated consistent efforts at a community-focused design process.

Zell Lurie Institute “Most Maximized Team Strengths” Award: $2,500

This award goes to the team who displays the most transdisciplinary collaboration.

U-M School of Information “User-centered Solution” Award: $2,500

This award goes to the team demonstrating the best use of contextual information to design a user-centered solution.