Congratulations to our 2019 finalists!

Innovation in Action Winners:

Grand Prize, $10,000: Practical Prosthetics

Practical Prosthetics integrates 3D printing in the prosthetic manufacturing process, developing functional prosthetics operated by an independent and intuitive control system. The technology necessary to make affordable and accessible prosthetics exists—Practical Prosthetics is simply putting it to use and challenging the notion that building a prosthetic needs to be complicated and expensive.

Team Members:

  • Harrison Price, College of Engineering
  • Ethan Russo, Ross School of Business
  • Joseph Schuman, College of LSA

Second Prize, $7,500: Vitamin See

A platform that empowers stroke survivors to communicate normally over text messaging and email. Through communication Vitamin See creates space to address stroke survivors’ emotional and physical needs.


Team Members:

  • Linda Weng, Novi High School
  • Maxwell Weng, College of Engineering

Third Prize, $5,000: Returning Citizens Project

Seeks to reduce recidivism by giving a returning citizen key items and resources at the time of his or her release to ultimately set them on a path to success as they return to their lives and communities.


Team Members:

  • Marjorie Biel, School of Pubic Health
  • Onawa Gardiner, School of Information
  • Shannon Weber, School of Public Health

 Audience Choice, $1,000: Out5mart

Out5mart aims to put the control of social situations into the hands of the customer. With advanced technological and chemical properties fit into a sleek and discreet adhesive sticker, phone case, wallet card, and more, our product has the ability to test for the alcohol percentage of a given drink and the presence of date-rape drugs. This allows for the customer to understand the contents of their beverage in order to have a better and safer going-out experience.


Team Members:

  • Madison Bryce, College of Engineering
  • Naomi Goodman, College of LSA
  • Nina Graham, School of Nursing
  • Mia McCrumb, Ross School of Business
  • Rori Miller, Stamps School of Art & Design

 Innovation in Action Finalist: Detroit Space Academy

Changing the future face of space. A curated box subscription experience that provides the tools that students need to learn more about the space industry while also learning applicable concepts that reinforce the curriculum that is being learned in the classroom.

Detroit Space Academy

Team Members:

  • Angelica Okorom, College of Engineering
  • Chalse Okorom, School of Information

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