2016/17 Teams

Congratulations to our 2017 winners and finalists!

IIA: Public Health winners:

Grand Prize, $10,000 AND Audience Choice Award, $1,000: Canopy

Canopy facilitates the conversations about the end of life that we aren’t having, but maybe should be. It’s a simple web app that walks users through the questions and answers they might need someday. It helps to clarify their wishes with the people they love.

Team Members:

  • Ann Duong, School of Public Health and School of Information
  • Brandon Keelean, Stamps School of Art & Design
  • Elisabeth Michel, School of Public Health

Second Prize, $7,500: Amashuwi / INK’d

INK’d aims to empower young women in Zambia by putting a lost-cost, easy to use device that sprays perpetrators with ink in the hands of women and girls.


Team Members:

  • Charlie Brink, School of Social Work
  • Anuhya Bhogineni, School of Public Health
  • Change Kwesele, School of Social Work + Rackham

Third Prize, $5,000: Evergreen Experience

The Evergreen Experience is a hands-on, agriculture-based dementia program connecting older adults to meaningful and stimulating activities.


Team Members:

  • Melissa Daily, School of Public Health
  • Allison Ewert, School of Social Work
  • Erica Goble, School of Social Work
  • Ashley Miller, School of Public Health
  • Erin Mobley, School of Public Health + School of Social Work

Public Health finalists also included:

  • Limitless
    Creating an information hub and financial planning for transgender communities.
  • Wellwith
    Wellwith is the wellness rewards network built for local businesses, their customers,
    and the planet.

To read about all the teams that competed this year, visit our Teams page.

IIA: Education winners:

Grand Prize, $10,000: Knowledge Village

An online community of experience available to teachers and students worldwide.


Team Members:

  • Sid Chhatani, School of Information
  • Gabe DellaVecchia, School of Education
  • Makie DellaVecchia, EMU
  • Katy Easley, School of Education

Second Prize, $7,500: Books for a Benefit / Sahbi

Working to provide language resources to immigrant and refugee communities in Michigan.


Team Members:

  • Essam Al-Snayyan, LSA
  • Kush Dawar
  • Nadine Jawad, Ford School of Public Policy
  • Corrina Lee, LSA
  • Noreen Nader, LSA
  • Neha Tiwari, LSA

Third Prize, $5,000: Biblio Care

Increasing collaboration between social work and library/info sciences to support the whole student experience in the library.


Team Members:

  • Aayat Ali, School of Social Work
  • Adrienne Bombelles, School of Social Work
  • Marna Clowney-Robinson, School of Public Health + School of Social Work

Audience Choice Award, $1,000: SPEDucate

Empowering parents and students by creating an interactive reference application that will help them navigate the complex landscape of special education.

Educaiton finalists also included:

  • LYNC
    LYNC is a web platform designed to connect tutoring organizations to tutors in the Detroit community so more students are able to get the support they need.
  • Prometeo
    Prometeo is a step-by-step interactive tool to explore purpose in live, develop will, and commitment to goals using myth images and practical exercises.

To read about all the teams that competed this year, visit our Teams page.