Past Team Spotlights

Where do teams go after IIA?

We are always excited to follow students as they continue on their innovation journey. While most of our graduates go on to work in both private and non-profit organizations, some pursue a path of entrepreneurship. Read on to hear their stories.

Find Your Ditto

 Parisa Soraya, MHI ’17 and Brianna Wolin, BME ’16 of Find Your Ditto

 “We’ve left IIA with an entrepreneurial toolkit that we can apply to our own future ideas or to innovation that happens within the future organizations we work for. It has been one of the most defining programs of our time here at the University of Michigan.”



Greg Wnuk, MPH ’16 and Stacey Matlen, MPH ’16 of Cart

 “Innovation in Action was the highlight of my graduate school experience. When I first became involved in the program my first semester, I had no idea that this would be the program that launched my dream career.” – Stacey Matlen


Liquid Gold Concept

Anna Sadovnikova (right), MPH ’15 of Liquid Gold Concept

 “Before IIA, I didn’t know that I could be an entrepreneur because I don’t fit the “stereotype.” – Anna Sadovnikova