Current Teams

Meet our current teams! 



Alexis Ashby, School of Information
Amanda Bassett, School of Information 

Breadcrumbs is a mobile app that reduces food waste by providing event coordinators with reliable headcount information. Using analytics to extrapolate based on data from past events, Breadcrumbs provides event planners with an informed estimate for how many attendees to expect.



Amita Peter, Ross School of Business 
Angelina Schneider, Ross School of Business 
Jacqueline Salamack, Ross School of Business 

Civix is a digital civic engagement platform to unite and empower everyone to create change through meaningful and structured conversation, and breaks down the walls between government and the people by removing bureaucracy from communication.


Detroit Space Academy 

Angelica Okorom, College of Engineering 
Chalse Okorom, School of Information
Greg McMurtry, College of Engineering 

We are on a journey to change the future face of space. Detroit Space Academy is a curated box subscription experience that provides the tools that students need to learn more about the space industry while also learning applicable concepts that reinforce the curriculum that is being learned in the classroom. 



Amged Eidelsafy, School of Public Health

HIRO wants to empower the consumer by helping them understand and navigate their health insurance policy. Additionally, HIRO plans to create a more fiscally responsible consumer by educating consumers about the costs of their healthcare.  



Madison Bryce, College of Engineering
Mia McCrumb, Ross School of Business
Naomi Goodman, College of LSA
Nina Graham, School of Nursing
Rori Miller, Stamps School of Art & Design

Out5mart aims to put the control of social situations into the hands of the customer. With advanced technological and chemical properties fit into a sleek and discreet adhesive sticker, phone case, wallet card, and more, our product has the ability to test for the alcohol percentage of a given drink and the presence of date-rape drugs. This allows for the customer to understand the contents of their beverage in order to have a better and safer going-out experience.



Libby Murray, School of Information
Lara Mutluay, College of LSA
Parth Thawani, School of Public Health
Yash Ramchandani, College of LSA

Malama is addressing the physical and social repercussions of breastfeeding with a smart bra. This product is able to detect plugged ducts within the breast and provide a customized massage. It will stimulate more milk production, decrease pumping time, and work according to your body's needs. The smart bra will be able to provide consumers with their own data to make informed decisions for themselves. Designed for comfort and the convenience of the consumer, Malama is every mother's personal assistant. 


Portal Spaces

Kyle Zappitell, College of LSA
Noah Wolfe, College of Engineering 

Portal Spaces is virtual reality meeting space. Within our virtual reality application you can meeting with anyone, from anywhere. In your meeting you can use your virtual web-browser to display presentations, or draw on the smart VR whiteboard to convey your ideas. Your heads up display will show you all the information you need to execute effective, productive meetings from anywhere.


Practical Prosthetics 

Ethan Russo, Ross School of Business
Harrison Price, College of Engineering
Joseph Schuman, College of LSA

Practical Prosthetics integrates 3D printing in the prosthetic manufacturing process, developing functional prosthetics operated by an independent and intuitive control system. The technology necessary to make affordable and accessible prosthetics exists—Practical Prosthetics is simply putting it to use and challenging the notion that building a prosthetic needs to be complicated and expensive.


Right Step Forward 

Jasmine Kim, Ross School of Business
Kush Dawar, Ross School of Business + School of Education 
Nabeeha Shakil, College of LSA
Pooja Varanasi, College of Engineering 

Right Step Forward's goal is to make first-generation students and students from immigrant families better prepared for college. RSF will provide educational, financial, and social support through seminars and private advising appointments. Students and their families will be informed of their options, allowing them to make better decision regarding their success on a career path. 


Send Word

Colleen Clark, Stamps School of Art & Design
Ilka Rodriguez-Calero, College of Engineering
Marianna Coulentianos, Rackham School of Graduate Studies

Send Word is a simple communication solution for citizens in post-disaster areas. It empowers community leaders to streamline communication with people's loved ones to let them know that, despite all, you are alive, you are safe, and you will overcome this. 



Elisabeth Fellowes, School of Information
Julia Dinoto, School of Information
Quinton DeVries, School of Information

STRIDE is a self-paced, tablet based redesigned inclusive digital education. STRIDE is a module-based downloadable educational program that will provide structured digital literacy education, from basic computer skills to internet safety, to currently incarcerated individuals. Bridging the gap in knowledge of, and familiarity with technology formed during prison, STRIDE will help individuals navigate job employment more easily and more confidently, which will in turn lower the high rate of recidivism.



Corey Kosmin, College of LSA
Nader Alrawahi School of Education
Ryan Morrison, College of LSA

Swiftship is building a personalized and adaptive career planner for the millions of undecided undergraduate students, to explore and find the best fitting career options. As the job market evolves through artificial intelligence, automation, and atomization, we want to help students find an alternative career path. Our approach integrates data about students' personalities, courses, and extracurricular activities to connect them to greater experiential learning opportunities for skill and career development. We want to give students the option to identify relevant careers tracks, in a way that reduces exploration costs, compared to any other solution on the market. We aim to be the platform of choice for students' career guidance and exploration. 



Iman YeckehZaare, School of Information 
Kallen Cohane, College of LSA

SynergicMap replaces conventional lectures with a collaborative learning environment where students extract knowledge from multiple references and share the essence of what they learn with each other through generating questions and visualizing relations between them. They study each others' questions and relations and vote on how helpful they are, which results in reputation development for each student in the learning community. Research has shown that these learning activities over time improve students' deep and meaningful learning. Moreover, using SynergicMap, students learn how to extract and filter knowledge from the Internet to solve the problems in-hand instead of being limited to a few references, which facilitates their transition from academia to their future career.


The Returning Citizens Project

Marjorie Biel, School of Public Health 
Shannon Weber, School of Public Health
Onawa Gardiner, School of Information 

The Returning Citizens Project seeks to reduce recidivism by giving a returning citizen key items and resources at the time of his or her release. We believe in the capacity of something as simple as this sort of starter pack can clarify an individual's re-entry journey and set them on the path to success as they return to their lives and communities. 


The People Project

Brandan Pierce, Ford School of Public Policy
Chloe Canon, School of Public Health + School of Information
Jose Lujano, Ford School of Public Policy

Change the narrative surrounding homelessness towards a more inclusive, hands on approach where everyone contributes to the solution.


Vitamin See

Linda Weng, Novi High School
Maxwell Weng, College of Engineering 

A platform that empowers stroke survivors to communicate normally over text messaging and email. Through communication Vitamin See creates space to address stroke survivors' emotional and physical needs.