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  1Team is building an intelligent personal tutor that knows what the student knows, does not ever let them forget it, and teaches them new things they are capable of easily grasping. This will help students to learn concepts for the long-term, and help them succeed in their academic work, or in the job market. 

Paul Hur, School of Information

Iman Yeckehzaare, School of Information


3 Peas

  3 Peas is a mobile app that works as your virtual kitchen assistant, simplifying at-home cooking connecting you with registered dietitians to personalize nutrition based on your health and lifestyle needs. Designed for individuals with chronic disease, 3 Peas makes it easy to plan, purchase, and prepare food for your health. 


John Barbour, Ross School of Business

Lili Bentley, School of Public Health + Ross School of Business

Nikhil Kalambur, Ross School of Business + School of Information

Sarah Rubin, School of Public Health 

Public Health

Busy Box

  Busy box makes the tools for having safe sex convenient, affordable, and accessible to all. Each busy box contains high-quality sex supplies and educational resources that are personalized to the customer's needs, and shipped right to their front door.

Kayla Carter, School of Public Health

Alison Elgass, College of LSA

Sarah Mason, School of Education

Monica Smolinski, School of Public Health

Public Health



Meet Clinico. A web-based tool to help clinical research investigators design interventional clinical trials. It leads investigators through key aspects of study design, providing data analytics that assists with designing objective-oriented and patient-centric studies.


Kady Jesko, Stamps School of Art and Design

Young Eun Kim, School of Information

Alex Park, Law School

Kelly Speth, School of Public Health

Public Health


   DonUM is a web based platform to increase organ donation registration rates at the University of Michigan, and eventually nationwide.

Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, Medical School + Ross School of Business

Kashvi Gupta, School of Public Health

Kosuke Kikuchi, Ross School of Business

Bruna de Souza Oewel, Stamps School of Art and Design

Amanda Wasserman, College of LSA

Public Health


  Dough is a education text service linked to tools that assist students make more informed student loan decisions. 

Yahya Bajwa, Ford School of Public Policy

Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, Ross School of Business

Alfredo Novoa, School of Public Health



  Deceptive information is everywhere around us- news articles, social media, even product labels. Fyltr is committed to improving information literacy in children. Through fun and engaging games, we build the fundamental skills necessary to critically evaluate information.

Deepti Bettampadi, School of Public Health

Sophia Chiu, School of Information

Juan Marquez, School of Public Health

Jonathan Overstreet, School of Education

Jasmine Wang, Law School


First Five Med

  The First Five trains everyday people how to save a life in the first five minutes of a medical emergency while the ambulance is on the way. Workshops focus on hands-on learning and medical scenarios to make training realistic and memorable. Learn more at . Anyone can save a life.

Alex Farding, Medical School

Stephen Hobson, Medical School

Haley McCalpin, Undergraduate Medicine

Public Health



Toshi Kumazawa, Ross School of Business

Clare Rauch, School of Public Health

Vidhi Verma, School of Public Health

Public Health

Healthcare Progressors

  Healthcare Progressors is interested in reducing health disparities that result from pharmacy deserts. Our goal is to improve pharmaceutical services for underserved population. 

Sameer Arora, College of Engineering

Casey Chmura, College of LSA

Jennifer Gonzalez, School of Public Health

Sahar Gowani, College of LSA

Aaron Kelley, College of LSA

Public Health


  We aim to improve mental health on campus by creating a mobile app centered around chat therapy. We hope to design an effective resource for students that makes them feel comfortably connected and more involved in their own self-care.

Aastha Dharia, College of LSA

Aria Thakore, College of Engineering 

Sheily Shah, College of LSA

Swathi Sampath, College of LSA

Public Health

Intend to Attend

  Our team is exploring how we could use digital technologies to support rural high school students as they prepare for and apply to college.

Jake Baker, Ross School of Business

Sean Bolourchi, School of Public Health

Hannah Chen, Ross School of Business + School of Information

MaryRose Clark, College of LSA

Olivia Ouyang, School of Information

Megan Taylor, School of Education



  Keystoria is improving how patients and health care professionals deal with electronic health care data. We see that health records are progressively becoming more digital but less streamlined across the country. We aim to address these issues of fragmented data by creating a portal that will ease access to patients and providers, in order to create a more efficient health care process. 

Sam Ehnis-Clark School of Information

Kelly Hou, School of Information

Harita Vidari, School of Public Health

Public Health 



Olubisi Ajetunmobi, School of Public Health

Mattie Ellis, College of LSA

Jin Xiu Lu, School of Public Health

Public Health


For many students, undergraduate research is their first experience working on real-world problems that may provide widespread impact and help people in the future. Research is a chance for students to apply what they've learned in class to the real world, to venture boldly beyond the maps of the known. Not to mention that undergraduate research experience is now necessary rather than an added bonus when applying to graduate school, industrial R&D jobs, and numerous other career paths. However, there are many social and financial barriers that make it difficult for an undergraduate student to locate and get accepted into university research positions. Perch aims to reduce barriers to undergraduate research. We plan to achieve this through an online platform that centralizes communication between research faculty and students, as well as a standardized system of training and certifying research skills.

Benjamin Bear, College of LSA

Carolyn Giroux, Rackham School of Graduate Studies

Nolan Kataoka, College of Engineering

Akira Nishii, College of Engineering

Akshay Rao, College of Engineering


Refugees to College

  Refugees to College believes that everyone deserves access to a good education. Supported by aid organizations such as Samaritas and Washtenaw Refugee Welcome, we provide one-on-one support and college readiness workshops to refugees and their families. Learn more at

Sean Anderson, School of Music, Theater, and Dance

David Kamper, School of Music, Theater, and Dance


Spirituality & Telehealth


Katherine Jones, Stamps School of Art and Design

Chris Lezama, School of Public Health

Geila Rajaee, School of Public Health

Yiwei Yin, College of Pharmacy 

Public Health