Current Teams

Meet our current teams! 


1/5 Assaulted to 5/5 Protected 

Madison Bryce, College of Engineering
Mia McCrumb, Ross School of Business 
Naomi Goodman, College of LSA
Nina Graham, School of Nursing 
Rori Miller, Stamps School of Art & Design 

Objective: Make college campuses safer for all people, specifically protecting women walking home alone.


Book Link

Emma Kwenu Smith, Ross School of Business

Objective: Encourage book sharing among students on campus, and coordinate book donation projects to bridge the gap in basic literacy among underprivileged children.



Alexis Ashby, School of Information
Amanda Bassett, School of Information 

Objective: Raise democratic participation in the United States by increasing access to voting.


Breaking Bars

Elisabeth Fellowes, School of Information
Julia Dinoto, School of Information
Quinton DeVries, School of Information

Objective: Use our training in information and human computer interaction to move beyond the screen and use design thinking to create solutions that have an impact on the world around us.



Max Sander, Ross School of Business
Parth Thawani, School of Public Health
Yash Ramchandani, College of LSA

Objective: Empower women by helping them become financially independent.



Alyssa Abbate, College of LSA
Jenni Kim, College of LSA

Objective: Make self-care convenient, specifically as it relates to sleep.



Amita Peter, Ross School of Business 
Angelina Schneider, Ross School of Business 
Jacqueline Salamack, Ross School of Business 

Objective: Connect citizens and government to encourage civic engagement and education to build stronger, better communities.



Amy Orr, Ross School of Business
Bruna Oewel, Stamps School of Art & Design
Rebecca Grossman-Kahn, Ross School of Business + Medical School 

Objective: Help organizations collaborate on shared goals.


Detroit Space Academy 

Angelica Okorom, College of Engineering 
Chalse Okorom, School of Information
Greg McMurtry, College of Engineering 

Objective: Diversify the aerospace industry by increasing access and self-confidence within underrepresented youth.


Downtown Delivery

Baylee Miller, Ross School of Business
Nate Zyren, Ross School of Business 

Objective: Reduce local traffic congestion, road damage, and air pollution by redesigning deliveries to downtown businesses.


Flourishing Kids 

Andrew Gilroy, School of Social Work + Ford School of Public Policy
Brandon Mitchell, Ford School of Public Policy
Erin Yuen, School of Social Work 
Kathryn Anderson, School of Social Work 

Objective: Improve mental health in children by promoting healing through the arts.



Farhan Nuruzzaman, Ross School of Business
Rong Cheng, Ross School of Business
Vibhav Agarwal, Ross School of Business

Objective: Use technology to fill gaps in the way healthcare is delivered globally.



Amged Eidelsafy, School of Public Health
Nakshidkil Sadien, Ford School of Public Policy 

Objective: Create a more health conscious society by teaching people how to access their health information.



Sarah Levi, Ross School of Business
Jae Young Han, Ross School of Business + School of Dentistry 

Objective: Help patients and providers to be more proactive about oral health management, rather than reactive.



Gabriella Vozza, Ross School of Business
Jack Busa, Ross School of Business 

Objective: Provide consumers with readily accessible and reliable reviews on the effectiveness of and chemical toxicity in cosmetics.


The People Project

Brandan Pierce, Ford School of Public Policy
Chloe Canon, School of Public Health + School of Information
Jose Lujano, Ford School of Public Policy 

Objective: Change the narrative surrounding homelessness towards a more inclusive, hands on approach where everyone contributes to the solution.



Puja Mehta, Ross School of Business 

Objective: Empower women by creating a physical community that cultivates a supportive network for growth.


Portal Spaces

Kyle Zappitell, College of LSA
Noah Wolfe, College of Engineering 

Objective: Provide employees with a private, focused workspace in virtual reality.


Practical Prosthetics 

Ethan Russo, Ross School of Business
Harrison Price, College of Engineering
Joseph Schuman, College of LSA

Objective: Develop a cost effective control system for a functioning 3D printed prosthetic hand.


Project X

Chintan Maheshwari, Ross School of Business
Divya Gumudavelly, College of LSA
Reeshma Kumar, School of Information
Sunanda Adibhatla, College of LSA

Objective: Make opportunities for getting involved in the community more accessible and transparent. 


Right Step Forward 

Jasmine Kim, Ross School of Business
Kush Dawar, Ross School of Business + School of Education 
Nabeeha Shakil, College of LSA
Pooja Varanasi, College of Engineering 

Objective: Guide first generation students and those new to the educational system to academic success.



Charisse Wilkins, Ross School of Business + Ford School of Public Policy 
Kettianne Cadet, Ross School of Business 
Rosalyn Kent, College of LSA 

Objective: Educate and empower individuals to own their full-body skincare regimen.



Corey Kosmin, College of LSA
Nader Alrawahi School of Education
Ryan Morrison, College of LSA
Xuenan Xu, School of Information 

Objective: Explore the common problems concerning the integration of education and career.



Iman YeckehZaare, School of Information 
Kallen Cohane, College of LSA

Objective: Foster students' active, deep, meaningful, and collaborative learning.


Teams First 

Colleen Clark, Stamps School of Art & Design
Ilka Rodriguez Calero, School of Engineering 
Marianna Coulentianos, Rackham School of Graduate Studies 

Objective: Explore the intersection of mental health and disaster relief. 


The Homecoming Project

Marjorie Biel, School of Public Health 
Shannon Weber, School of Public Health
Yona Isaacs, School of Social Work 
Onawa Gardiner, School of Information 

Objective: Find a solution for those released from incarceration with information on pathways to success in relation to immediate, intermediate, and long-term needs to reduce recidivism.


Vitamin See

Maxwell Weng, College of Engineering 

Objective: Connect patients with their friends, loved ones, caregivers, and healthcare professionals through artificial intelligence.